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In summary, you can look at these controls like this: The squelch is a filter for what you are listening to, the RF gain is a control for how far you are listening. It's a good idea to keep your RF gain turned as far to the right as you can. The more you turn your RF Gain control to the right, the more you will hear..

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Set the CTCSS and CDS on the Ailunce HD1 Radio Keypad. After know how to set CTCSS/DCS on software, we can see how to set it on the radio now. Ailunce HD1 is a true VFO radio and support Front Panel Programming. Turn on the radio. The band is FM(analog) mode, we can enter into Band A/B Set.there are three options. C-CDC, R-CDC, T-CDC.

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Uniden BEARCAT 880 CB Radio with 40 Channels and Large Easy-to-Read 7-Color LCD Display. High Quality Products, Tax Free, Great Customer Service, Something for Everyone! ... Backlit Control Knobs/Buttons, NOAA Weather Alert, PA/CB Switch, and Wireless Mic Compatible. Brand: UNIDE. Additional Info Length: 15 " Height: 3 " Width: 8 " Weight: 4.4.

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When the FCC showed up at his door and explained the rules, Mr. As a rule CB radio station has AM carrier of around 3-4 W, so the output on the radio is approximately 10-12 W. ... It has a three knob equalizer. But a few months later he was using another one, down to 75 watts, but still well above the legal limit. Like the pm2001, tc3001p.

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Power distribution box/passenger compartment. The fuse panel is located under the right-hand side of the instrument panel. Ford Expedition – fuse box diagram – passenger compartment/power distribution box. WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market. The General Lee is a dual final (transistor) radio (previously 2SC1969 transistors, currently IRF 520 Mosfet transistors) and many people are seeing peak output numbers of 40 to 50 watts. The new model General Lees use the blue LED’s which give a nice glow to the channel indicator and the meter on the radio..

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Apr 02, 2018 · Antenna Tuners are an impedance match circuit. Antenna Tuners match the impedance of your antenna system to the impedance of your transceiver. Antenna Tuners, the components in them, and your antenna system are all composed of reactive elements. Since reactance changes with frequency, a match is only perfect at one frequency..

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